ECHO DU puts schools in Colorado's rural districts on a path to success.

Demystifying Problems

NOT ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS are created equal. Some operate in areas supported by robust tax bases that underwrite everything from a rich menu of course offerings to multifaceted arts programs and enhanced counseling services. Others struggle to afford routine maintenance, much less offer programs for students speaking English as a second language.

Schools reflect their communities, so with an eye toward addressing disparities in rural and underserved populations, the Morgridge College of Education implemented ECHO DU, a partnership with Project ECHO, the hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing network led by expert teams that conduct virtual sessions with local educators and agencies. These educators and education agencies,
the spokes in the model, become part of a learning community that benefits from extensive mentoring and plenty of feedback from specialists and one another.

Applications of ECHO DU in education, mental health and social service are essentially endless and can be leveraged to extend the reach, efficiency and effectiveness of training programs. The end result: increased capacity in rural and other underserved communities.