Dear Friends

We are Pioneers. This past summer I hiked a good number of Colorado mountains in at least four different ranges. As I hiked under the open, western skies, I challenged myself to think of what it means to be a part of the University of Denver community, with all its strength, resiliency and joy.

Here goes …


We have always attracted people who strive to achieve, to live lives of purpose and to enjoy careers of distinction — in athletics, academics, arts, politics, law, and any number of other areas in which our Pioneers build DU and the world around them.


Although much of the world has discovered this as a top work/life skill, we have a history of innovation in social work, education, technology, engineering, business and creative expression. We pride ourselves — and have for decades — on thinking outside the box and drawing on the independent streak and collaborative culture for which Denver and Colorado are known.


We were founded to serve the public good, and we continue that mission today both locally and globally. Our beautiful campus is an anchor in a booming region; our students, faculty and staff engage with thousands of community partners here and around the world; and to be a Denver Pioneer is to care for the world with purpose and passion. Just ask our 140,000 alumni, who are making a positive difference in their professions and communities on six continents.

We spent the last year accelerating efforts around these strengths as we put in place DU IMPACT 2025. Our successes are realized in the incredible work our students are accomplishing inside and outside the classroom. They’re coming from all over the world to learn how to launch a sustainable business, unravel the mysteries of traumatic brain injury, skate for a national championship and lift our spirits through beautiful music.

Our faculty members, meanwhile, are bringing in more research funding than ever, even as competition for funding intensifies. This research — much of which crosses traditional disciplines to address complex problems — has far-reaching impact in everything from peace building and sustainability to education policy and aging.

We are helping to shape and energize Denver’s entrepreneurial landscape. Walk across our campus on any given day, and you’ll find community and business leaders networking with students, faculty and alumni at a summit on business creation or an interdisciplinary collaborative focused on the emerging potential of social enterprise.

No matter what discipline we represent or what our role is on campus, all of us — faculty, students and staff — are invested in the city we call home. We’re building partnerships with the people and organizations addressing our planet’s challenges. Our professors and students see the world as their laboratory, as a place where they can put ideas into action. Our staff members’ ongoing efforts help foster and advance a culture that allows all to thrive. And everywhere you go, our alumni are carrying the torch, putting their educations to work.

You’ll read about some — but by no means all — of our efforts in this report.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to examine our past, present and future with openness and honesty in order to create knowledge and educate ethical leaders to serve the public good.

We hope you’ll be proud of our bustling Pioneer community and of your role in helping us achieve, innovate and engage.



Rebecca Chopp's signature

Rebecca Chopp, Chancellor